Tha Deep Krate Recordingz

Deep Krate Recordingz is a United States based music production studio and independent record label founded by Wax Murdaraz in 2005.  Located in St. Louis, MO, the label focuses on releasing urban contemporary music albums and promotional mixtapes in physical and digital format. In conjunction with the label, Wax Murdaraz began broadcasting their own weekly radio show via KDHX called Deep Krate Radio in 2007.  Alternate uncensored versions of Deep Krate Radio shows began broadcasting on Ustream in 2009.  Wax Murdaraz crew member D-Ex has produced over 40 musical compositions for ESPN’s televised shows SportsCenter and UNITE out of the Deep Krate Recordingz studio.  The studio typically conducts nonprofit charitable work under the abbreviated name “DKR”.


Deep Krate Recordingz YouTube Page:

Wax Murdaraz – City Ta City Killin’ Spree (album, 2005)

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D-Ex – Good Mournin’ Amerikkka (album, 2007)

Purchase Good Mournin’ Amerikkka on iTunes:

Deep Krate Radio: Kill Wax Edition – Disizhowradiozsposedtasoundbitch!!!!! (promo, 2008)



DJ K-Nine - It’s Not What U Think… (album, 2009)



Deep Krate Radio – Record Store Day Promo Joint (promo, 2009)



DJ Alejan – Originality Iz A Must (2nd Reissue) (promo, 2009)

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The Rink Original Soundtrack (album, 2009)

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D-Ex - Rob Swift Presents: ‘Dope On Plastic’ ft. D-Ex (promo, digital download only, 2010)


Wax Murdaraz – Voluntary Murda Over Tha Air (promotional album, 2012)

Free download of Voluntary Murda Over Tha Air here.


D-Ex - Rob Swift Presents: ‘Dope On Plastic’ ft. D-Ex (Vol. 2) (promo, digital download, 2013)


D-Ex – UNITED Breakz, Volumez 1 & 2 (Music From Tha ESPN U Show “UNITE”) (album, 2014)